About Me

I have one of those cute decorative wooden blocks in my kitchen that has a cute decorative statement on it.  It says, “You call it chaos.  We call it family.” I guess it’s really two statements.  But that’s beside the point!  I’m not sure there are any words more accurate to describe my household.  I’ve been married to my husband, Doug, for 18 years.  I have two grown step kids (and even after all these years, I am terribly uncomfortable with that term.)  Someone really should come up with a better word.  I have two grandkids and I REFUSE to use the word “step” when mentioning them.  These two cuties call me Nanny and are a big reason our family identifies with the word chaos. When I’m not toting kids to and from school, ball practice and ball games,  gymnastics, piano lessons and church, or any one of the other fifty-seven activities kids find to do, I sell real estate.  That’s right.  I’m a Realtor.  I love my family.  But even more than loving my family, I love Jesus.  So to know about me, is to know that I love Jesus.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a family girl.  I love my people that I live with day to day.  But I have a fierce connection to my church family.  Oh how I love my church family!  But the name that tops the list of those I love is JESUS!