Inside Joke

I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there…my humor is not for everyone.  And that’s okay.  Today as I was roaming around the grocery store, and I do mean roaming because I was looking for spaghetti-O’s of all things, I had what I thought was a super funny exchange with one of my BFF’s.  I have a couple of those.  One of them, let’s call her Tonya (because that’s her real name) I’ve known for over 40 years.  We’re told we first met in our church when we were three years old.  I have no trouble believing that because I don’t have any memories prior to Tonya’s friendship.  She is truly that lifelong best friend, and I love her dearly.  And both of us still go to that same church where we were toddlers. My other BFF is Jennifer, whom I often refer to as J Booty, Booty, or just Boots.  I’ve known her for probably about 15 years or so.  Now there’s someone who shares my same brand of humor.  And if any of the three people who actually read this blog are offended, I’ll forward your grievances to her.

Please read the following in your best sarcastic tone as that is how my fingers are moving across the keyboard.

Today’s topic?  Selfies.  That’s right.  A word that’s been created because we, such a humble lot, can be both the photographer and the photographed.  Now I will say, I like a good picture of myself as much as the next person.  On second thought, that really depends on who the person next to me is.  Nonetheless, I’d rather see a decent picture of myself than a bad one.  What I can’t seem to understand is getting into my vehicle, checking my rear view mirror, and thinking, “You, girl, need to share this with others on social media!  Don’t keep all this to yourself!”  I’ll have the occasional day when I get in my SUV, pull down my visor, flip open the mirror, and think I’m having a pretty good make-up day.  But never has it occurred to me that others would benefit by seeing what I see in that little 3X5 inch reflection.

Back to my friend, J Booty, and our shared sense of humor.  We tend to use selfies as an ongoing source of entertainment.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  We can all be transparent here.  You know there are repeat offenders.  I’m not talking about the ones who post a selfie of a new hair-do or new glasses.  And certainly the newly engaged gal gets a pass.  I’m talking about the ones who show up regularly on your Instagram or Facebook feed.  And in an attempt at humility, the selfie-offender will slap a Bible verse across it or an accompany said selfie with an inspirational quote.  Clever hashtags are a must as well.

So before I started wandering around the grocery store looking for spaghetti-O’s, I was feeling a little extra snarky today.  I need to insert  a credit here to my mother.  I had no idea where spaghetti-O’s could be found because I DO NOT like them.  I do not like them because I was spoiled by home cooked food my whole life.  Store bought green beans and corn along with instant potatoes get a sideways glance and half eyeroll from me. There needs to be an isle at the grocery store for all the yucky, convenient, food that is not real food.  Tonya called me while I was on the hunt for this can of mush and I even asked her where I could find it.  Okay, let’s get back on track with my snarky-self.  I really needed to laugh so I did what I knew would fill that need.  I got out my handy dandy cell phone, tapped that little camera image that turned the camera to face me, and took a selfie.  I tried to get that weird above-the-head angle that all the pro-selfie people have got down pat.  I then text the picture to Booty along with a few hashtags, one of which was #pleasetellmeimbeautiful.  (I told you my humor wasn’t for everyone.) Well, let me just say, my BFF did not disappoint!  She appropriately put a Bible verse across it for me and gave me permission to use her design.


I absolutely cracked up!  I asked her if I should post it and her response was, “The world needs to know that adding a verse to your picture doesn’t make it inspirational.”  What was I to do?  Now she has made it seem that I would somehow be withholding a great public service if I didn’t post it.  You’re welcome.  And I’ll pass your thanks on to Booty.  Listen, if I’m going down in flames, I’m taking her with me!

On a bit of a serious note, I do realize these are the times in which we live.  I have a 7-year old granddaughter who I think is as cute as can be.  But she is already aware of social media “likes” and “followers”.  I so want her to know that her value isn’t one iota dependent upon what others deem attractive or physically desirable.  My desire for her is that she finds her worth in the One who made her.  The One who values her so much that He gave his life for her and it has nothing to do with how many compliments she gets.  He gave her the ultimate “like” or “thumbs up” when He laid down His life for hers even before she was born.  Proverbs 31:25 describes a woman who is “clothed in strength and dignity”.  We’ve all seen those photos that are lacking just a bit of dignity.  Couldn’t our culture as a whole use a little more dignity?  I just love 1 Peter 3:3 speaking of wives saying, “Do not let your adorning be external – the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear – but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” (ESV) Peter isn’t speaking against braided hair, jewelry, and the latest fashion trends.  Peter gives us ladies a reminder that those things are not what make us precious in God’s sight.  And therein might be the root of the thing.  Is my desire to be precious in God’s sight?  Or is my desire to be liked and followed by my peers or even complete strangers?

Isn’t it just like the Holy Spirit to speak to us unexpectedly?  In my experiences with Him, I can answer “Yes.  Yes it is.”  It is just like Him to say something to me I need to hear when I least expect it.  He’s really kind like that.  And merciful.  I so need His mercy.

Soooooo…if you’re a selfie-queen, carry on!  No judgement here.  Maybe a little light-hearted sarcasm, but like my momma always says, “If ya got it, flaunt it!”


4 thoughts on “Inside Joke

  1. I am in big trouble. LITERALLY AS WE SPEAK, my gold jewelry is in the bathroom drying, from where I attempted to shine it up to a spectacular sparkle!! I even went to the jewelery store and purchased a tub of liquid sparkle! AND I went to TWO Cabi shows this week where I spent way more than I should’ve but of course I only did it to “help a friend” get herself a lovely new jacket or one of those blouses with the bell sleeves. I’m self-sacrificing that way. The only thing I didn’t do was braid my hair, but that’s only because in that last haircut I got, I’ve barely been able to hide my little naked place adjacent to my right eyebrow, so a braid is totally out of the question! But you just wait till my Cabi order comes in, and my jewels obtain a be-dazzling sparkle, and my twig grows down long enough to cover my naked scalp….. SELFIE TIME!! Why would ya not?

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