Starting in the Middle


Hello there, middle-age.  When did you get here?  Gaaahhh.  I guess the correct question is, when did I get here?  But here I am smack dab in middle age.  The middle can be a tough spot.  Have you ever tried to start watching a movie in the middle?  Or even better, have you ever been watching a movie and someone wants to join midway through?  (Insert eye roll) Who’s that?  Why is she crying?  Why is the police chasing them?

Books. What weirdo starts reading a book in the middle?  Of course we’re not talking about Psalms.  Psalms is in the middle of The Book and I’d do well starting in the middle of that one.

The middle of the birth order can be so difficult it has it’s own syndrome.  Ask my friend, Jennifer.  The middle of the road isn’t really a place we want to find ourselves either.  Literally or figuratively.  The middle I guess can be okay sometimes but there’s a reason the phrase “stuck in the middle” exists.  I mean doesn’t the word “start” lend to the idea of the beginning?  It just feels like such an oxymoron to me to start something in the middle.  If I were going to run a marathon (which I can promise WILL NOT HAPPEN) I wouldn’t jump in on mile 13.

Do you want to know why starting in the middle is so hard?  It’s context.  We need context.  Most things don’t make sense without it.  The least of all is people.  I’m blessed to have a few people who have known me from my beginning.  They know my start and they know why and how I am like I am.  They know my accomplishments, and they also know my lowest of lows.  They’ve celebrated and grieved and sympathized and laughed and cried with me.  They have context.  The middle can be a really comfortable place when we have context.

This is a beginning for me.  Writing isn’t necessarily something new to me.  I’ve been writing since middle school.  The new part is writing words for actual real life people to read.  I’ve never written for any other reason than an outlet for my thoughts.  To be honest, that’s still the reason I’m even writing this blog.  But for many years I’ve had a nudge in my spirit to put my words down and share them.  I’ve procrastinated.  Obviously.  Middle-aged, remember?  There’s just something about starting something new when I’m already halfway through life. Heck, I could be more than halfway through.   Jesus may take me home tomorrow.

If starting in the middle seems unnatural to you, I’m right there with you.  We’ll just be awkward together.  Hopefully along the way we’ll both gain some context that will help us make sense of this middle-aged gal beginning something new.

One thought on “Starting in the Middle

  1. Well, I’m glad that I’m not coming into this blog in the middle! I am on the front end and on the front row, …. and I don’t intend to miss one single capital letter, little letter, comma, period, exclamation point, picture, or profound thought that culminates from all that coming together in your mind and heart, then extending out through your keyboard! I’ve been following you around ever since you were age 2, dangling your Buster Brown’s from the Boone Trail Baptist kiddie chairs! If you’re “middle age”, then it must mean I’m OLD age!! And yet by God’s miraculous ways, we’re kindred spirits! Figure it! But I have so loved growing to love God more and more right along side of you! And I so look forward to each and every blog post you do! And I love that the World Wide Web is going to get to enjoy your wit, your wisdom (both godly as well as best way to boost eye lash growth), along with your perspectives on life! You’ve got things to say and the world needs to know!


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